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The Grand Sirenis Resort REVIEW by - Billber


Laughing Hola

We are back from our 7 night holiday.
Before I start my review please let me say that we are a married couple, in our upper 20's who went down there to meet people, party, and have a good time.

leducgardner hit it right on the nail when they said that the food was horrible, it is! It was probably the worst food we had ever had on a vacation, and of course the service is bad. But we may have been spoiled last year staying at the barcelo which had awesome food and great 5 star service! You definatly wont starve, but it wont be the best food you have ever had! For us we didnt go to eat at the Alain Ducasse, we went to have a good time!

Please don't let me scare you by putting down the food and service, I must say that it was the funnest vacation we had ever taken. I think that most of the people there could get past all of the kinks in the resort because the place was beautiful, and lots of fun.

I can't really comment on the room to much, we did not spend much time in the room and didn't use the whirlpool one time. I can say that they look very nice, and the bathrooms looked amazing! The beds will get you some sleep, and if you tip the maid you will have animals made out of your towels!

The drinks I thought were very good. We mostly drink beer, but we must say that the singapore slings, and the mojitos are very good!

We liked the shows very much. The pre shows where always fun. They would use people from the audience that would get up on stage and make fools of themselves! Usually the activites crew will be out in the tequilla bar trying to round up people for the shows at about 8:30. We participated in battle of the sexes and it was a blast! Make sure you get on stage and give it a try!

The activities crew where also a blast!! We are especially missing a girl by the name of Noam. If you see her make sure you give her a hug and say that it is from Bill and Connie. She was like a little sister to us. We spent alot of time with her. She would come and sit by us on the nights that she wasn't in the shows, taught us salsa (not that we are any good). She would find us on the beach, and in the bars making sure we were always having a good time. Walid and Yoli where also lots of fun. If you see Walid say hi from the kissing guy!

There is not a whole lot of night life, but they try with the disco in the lobby. They move it out to the beach on saturday and wednesday. It was plenty for us. We usually didn't get back to the room until about 2 or 3 in the morning every day. They say that the disco is only open until midnight but if people are dancing it will stay open later.

So in closing, it is what you make of it. If you go to have a good time you will. If you go to whine about food, and the rooms you won't have a good time.

If anyone has any questions about our stay, or the resort. Please don't hesitate to contact me I would be glad to answer any questions! - billber on the forums



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