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The Grand Sirenis Resort REVIEW by - nhtravelers6


"Loved our vacation!!!"







We (four single ladies) stayed at the Grand Sirenis from February 25th through March 5th and I have to say we had the best time imaginable... We were a little nervous it would be all couples and we would be bored but BORED WE WERE NOT! Yes, there were a lot of couples but we made so many friends, both guests and staff alike. I won't bore you with a review of the same stuff everyone else reviewed, I will instead focus on the people and what made our trip so amazing.


The first night we met all the entertainment staff, they are called
“team animation”. After their show they were all at the lobby 2 bar and they danced with us and taught us how to salsa and we all had a great time. After that night we saw them during the days and in the evenings as all the people who work there work very long house, at least 12 hours a day / 6 days a week. Every time we saw any of them they remembered us and were so warm and friendly, like we had known each other for years. To our friends at the resort we hope you will stay in touch because you all made our trip so amazing. Eli at the Lobby 1 bar is so awesome. In addition to being a great bartender he was very fun to talk to. Antonio at the breakfast buffet came to say hello every morning and he always made change for us, even if he didn’t have it he would find it for us which we really appreciated since the gift shop does not have change. Consuelo, Ivan, Freddie, Alex, Walid, Ariel, Kiko, Sebastian - from team animation, you guys all rock. Salvador - the matre’d from the Mexican restaurant, also amazing – wink wink... We can't stop raving about how great this trip was and how we cannot wait to go back next year.....We also met many guests from all over and hung out with them for the week. Anita and Ricardo, Sheryl and Roy, Willy and "Frank", Marlene and daughters - we miss you already.


A few things to note:

1. The blow dryers – you have to keep the button pressed in with your finger in order for it to work. It was annoying so I chose not to blow dry my hair on the trip. If you need a good blow dryer, bring your own.

2. They really should have a sign or instruct guests that they must put their key card in the little thing on the wall for the electricity to work. I felt really stupid calling about that one.

3. Choose your password for the safe before closing it or you will be locked out. But security comes quickly to unlock it for you.

4. Go to the Japanese restaurant, the fried ice cream dessert is so good I would go back for that and leave more room…

5. On the lobster gala night, go to the steak restaurant. They also have a buffet where you can eat all the lobster you want in addition to a filet which was really good. We did laugh because they make the waiters wear wrangler jeans and bad plaid shirts, like if they think all steak eaters are bad fashioned cowboy types but it was funny and Almero was great!

6. You have to go on the nature walk which is easy to miss. If you walk out the main entrance of the resort and go to the right you will find it, it’s got a large pond/lagoon with a sandy pebble path and it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

7. The tuna croissant sandwiches at the beach bar were so great, I had to have one every day.

8. On Saturday night they trick you with the entertainment. They have a band and tell the audience to listen to the song the band is playing and the first person to come up with the name of the song wins a prize. Well my friend and I both wanted a t-shirt so we went up there and named the songs we heard and then they informed us that the evening entertainment was actually us singing the songs on stage.
It was very fun but there were a few really shy people who I am sure didn’t think it was fun.


To the people who complained about the food, the grounds, the staff, the drinks, and the entertainment - you must have serious issues because this place is so awesome. We never went hungry, thirsty or bored...We were so sad to leave. Not only because we came back to cold and snow but because we will truly miss all the wonderful people.



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