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The Grand Sirenis Resort REVIEW by - l0v2trav3l


"Great Honeymoon!"



We were at this terrific resort on the Riveria Maya side for 2 wks Feb 22-Mar 8 with 2 young kids 6 and 8. We go away every winter and this was a superb holiday for our family.

CHECK IN: we got in at approx 12:30 (less then 1.5hrs bus ride we were the 3rd stop) room wasn't ready which we expected the 3pm check in time we changed into our bathing suits took our valuables with us and sat by the pool. We didn't have a problem with leaving our luggage out front. We headed back to the lobby at 4:30 to claim our room only because we wanted more time by the pool.


THE ROOM: Very large 2 double beds and a pull out couch. The washroom privacy "thing" ok maybe not the best design I think they're in the process of putting up frosted glass, but it wasn't a problem for us the shower and toilet area have frosted glass and you can't see through a silouette only. We managed. The one day Sat they didn't clean our room we saw them in the hall and asked for towels, they were willing to come clean our room then (5:30pm but since we had dinner reservations for 6:30 we just wanted to shower and get ready. They gave us plenty of towels...the room never did get made up that day but oh well. our sheets weren't changed daily mainly on the busy check in/out days the cleaning staff works very hard this is a HUGE resort so perhaps they need more cleaning staff to keep up.


BUFFETS: Had to laugh for all you complainers out there re cold food (which by the way it wasn't) they have 2 microwaves for each side of the 2 buffets for you to heat up your own food if your not happy with their temp....good for them!!LOL
Lots of variation, selection, shrimp, beef, fish, lamb, chicken, pork ,veggies, pasta, pizza , soups, grill station etc etc. The buffet was very big bigger then any other place we've been to (all 4-5* hotels)

Friday Lobster gala- in early reviews people mentioned they didn't like how the lobster was cooked ie no melted butter garlic etc. what we found was this hotel is trying very hard to please everyone, all complaints that were posted before we left seem to be taken care of or working on...unlimited lobster tails cooked in butter/margarine and garlic with extra bowl of melted butter, by the way you need to book this we weren't aware and we're able to get the early seating that we wanted very last min on Friday The desserts especially on Friday were delicious!!


A LA CARTES: We got in on a Thursday didn't book our a la cartes until Friday morning and had no problems, because of our young kids we wanted the early seating of 6:30pm in talking to others who wanted later seating they had problems getting reservations.
Japenese.....very very good huge portions tempura ice cream yum yum. (kids weren't as impressed) our chef seemed new therefore no "show" but we watched the guy beside us.
Brazilian also very good they come around with huge skeweres of meat 2 types of sausage, chicken, pork and 3 types of beef.
Italian very good pasta we had lasagna and ravolli service was a little slow when we were there but what's the hurry.

Steakhouse we had the filet and the ribs filet was very good ribs sucked definately not back ribs as it states on the menu. Stick with the filet or we heard the rib eye was very good as well.
Mediteranian - also good but my least favourite (besides the tough ribs) the calamari and the appetizer buffet were scrumptious but then I was full. The lamb kebabs the kids had were very good the seabass was good not great but good and keep in mind I was full by this point.
We didn't get to try any of the others (we were there for 2wks so were able to have 8 if we wanted) the kids were tired and the buffets were quicker, otherwise we would have liked to try them all.



POOL: On pool days we mainly stayed by the swim up bar (Roman and Jose are great) at the Riveria Side it has a gradual entry that the kids liked plenty of palapas and chairs.
The other pool is huge with the lazy river connected to it, the LAZY RIVER was a big hit , bring your own tube not many and people take them to their rooms....pathetic really. We brought our own however most of the time the kids liked swimming rather then tubing it.

BEACH: We brought our water shoes...big help. It is very rocky (dead coral actually) at entry and then a great sand bottom. Since the beginning of our stay until the end we noticed a significant improvement. Every morning there is staff raking the course sand and cleaning out the entry area with a wheel barrow. In terms of a long stretch it's pretty big if walking is what you'd like as long as you have water shoe or even flip flops you can walk along the beach/rock as far as you'd like. The Mayan Beach side's beach is not developed looks like it might be down the road.

ENTERTAINMENT: We didn't see too much the kids got tired, but the Lion King was very good (only on every 2 weeks) the kids loved the mini disco 8pm every night Jaine from England is the best my kids adored her. Mini club not the greatest not because of the staff just that this place is so big, everytime we walked by there weren't many kids there, therefore our never used it.

Well that's it I was trying to make it short instead I went on and on. This place is great some people just can't be pleased no matter what



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