Grand Sirenis


The Grand Sirenis Resort REVIEW by - sacbe


Hola..have been reading trip reports from this site and I can't believe the negative comments regarding the G.S. I stayed there Dec 4-18/06 and had a wonderful time. Staff was friendly, food was great, room service was a bonus, sorry I have nothing to complain about. This is my 12th time to Mexico and I have learned thru travelling NOT to set expectations about your resort. Go away, enjoy your trip, and remember the most important rule...YOU ARE A GUEST IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, you need to respect the workers at these resorts, they are HARD WORKING people.

They are just like you and me working to make a living being paid $4.50 for a eight hr. day and some of us go to mexico and treat these people like they are your personal slaves...WRONG.. Over the years this is the BIGGEST complaint I have heard from the workers. Show respect and in return you will be given respect. Don't demand, ask POLITELY you will be surprised how enjoyable your vacation will be. This has been an issue for a long time , so please do me a favour, go to mexico, enjoy yourself, and don't forget to bring your manners. Smile



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