Grand Sirenis


The Grand Sirenis Resort REVIEW by - WiAnnabanana


This is a fabulous resort if you want to be surrounded by lush tropical foliage, hardworking native Mexicans, and eat and drink like royalty. We stayed at the GS Riviera Maya from Feb 2-16 and really had a hard time finding anything to complain about---other than the week went quickly and we had to leave. They are REALLY trying hard to give everyone the best vacation possible. Our room was in the 1500 building---darn we thought---so far away. But, after a day or two you learn the shortcuts between buildings and you get to stroll through the lush gardens. Take the time to investigate the grounds. Find new ways to get around. If you really don't want to walk---have the concierge call and the shuttle will give you a ride. Our concierge was at their desk for what seemed all the time. I think it was more like from 7 AM til 9 PM. We had no problem making any dinner reservations. We arrived late on Friday night and went out around 8 AM on Saturday morning. We got every restaurant we wanted, although we had to select the 8:30 seating. I never saw any long lines at any of the concierge stations.

It took us 3 days before we finally got to swim in the pool closest to our building. We were so busy exploring all that the resort had to offer. The lazy river was so much fun. Great exercise if you walk backwards. The beach bar was a nice central location with a lot of business. The food there was ok---standard every day but always plentiful. The cooks rotated with their grills between the main pools and the beach and set up buffets for the meat they cooked---fajitas one day, bbq pork and chicken another day. The beach was beautiful. They even have lifeguards. Snorkeling was fabulous. We were going to go scuba diving but found that were were happy just snorkeling around the reef. Biggest problem is people that don't know any better and go out to snorkel and end up standing on the reef. At this rate, it will all be dead in a few years.

there are activities offered and you receive a schedule in your packet handed to you at check in. They are also listed on the activity board by the pool---down by the health bar. This is not a real lively hopping place, but you can make it what you want. It is spread out so much that if you don't like the noise (what noise?) you can find a different corner to relax in.

I am one that reads everything given to me and all the info in the room. The safe is easy to operate if you take the time to read the instructins. The info book in the room talks about the electricity and the card to operate it and the fact that the air won't work if either the room door or the balcony door is open. Our room was cleaned everyday in the morning and we never were lacking for anything. Towels and supplies always there. Minibar stocked fully. We did tip every day but I honestly don't think that would make a difference.

All of the people working at this resort were soooooooooo helpful and friendly. They bend over backwards to make sure you are having a good time. We would be walking and not really payng attention and before you know it you would hear someone saying HOLA---instead of just walking by you. Atleast 3 times while we were dining i n the a la carte restaurants, the head chef came out to the table and went around to ask how everything was and if there were any suggestions for improvement. The buffets all had microwaves available for heating food, with a sign that explained the proper temperature control and we never saw one person use them. Also, I noticed that all of the dishes in the buffet had cards stating what they were. There is plenty of food to eat at any time and any place throughout the resort. There is plenty to drink and they don't skimp on the booze. We spent one afternoon at the pool bar on the Mayan Beach side and the bartenders were so good there----we never had an empty glass. There was always a fresh drink in front of us without even having to ask. Needless to say, it was naptime after pool time that day!

So, I know this is a long summary but I just want to reiterate one main thing----you are traveling in a foreign country. The people speak their native language and the food is prepared with local ingredients. If you want things to look and sound and taste as they do back home, then stay home. Otherwise, go and enjoy----it's worth it!!!!!!



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